Primary School Teachers Training EaSTE QAED 2023

Primary School Teachers Training EaSTE QAED 2023

EaSTE Training Primary School Teachers QAED 2023

 Primary School Teachers Training EaSTE QAED 2023 EaSTE (English for Subjects for Teachers and Educators) is a program that aims to improve the English language skills of teachers and educators, specifically in the areas of teaching their subject matter. The program focuses on providing teachers and educators with the language skills necessary to effectively communicate with their students and colleagues in English, both in the classroom and in professional settings.

EaSTE program includes training on language skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening and also includes specific subject matter vocabulary and grammar. The program may also include teaching methodologies and strategies for teaching in an English-medium classroom. The program may be delivered in an online or face-to-face format and is typically aimed at non-native English speakers who are teaching or who are planning to teach in an English-medium classroom.

The aims of EaSTE are: 

  • To improve the ability of primary teachers to teach the English language 
  • To embed teachers’ professional development within the already existing professional development system QAED has developed
  • To monitor the success of the project in the classroom from the start to ensure that positive change is taking place regarding teaching and learning and include the students in the process
  • To engage as many teachers as possible through the digital platform, reducing expenses and the need to take teachers out of class while they train 

Primary teachers follow five self-access online courses available on a specially created Learning Management System (LMS). They do the courses at regular intervals on the platform which is monitored by Assistant Education Officers (AEOs), who are mentors to the primary school teachers.

Each course takes six weeks to complete, and the five courses are spread over a period of two years. 

The courses are in line with specific competencies built into the curriculum and course books teachers are using, ensuring that the course content is of practical use to them.

While they are following the online course, teachers deliver lessons using input from the online component, doing activities suggested on the platform with their students. AEOs visit each school twice a month to observe, mentor and evaluate the progress of the English language teachers as they deliver lessons to their students. Each AEO also leads an online Community of Practice through webinars and forums where teachers can get extra support and connect with their peers.

The activities extend over two years allowing time to measure positive change in the teachers’ capacity and learners’ response. 

 EaSTE کی آن لائن ٹریننگ کیلئے تمام ٹیچرز کو QAEDاور Teams دونوں ایپ میں لاگ ان ہونا ضروری ہے 

1۔ QAED ایپ میں لاگ ان کیلئے ٹیچرز کا SIS والا Username اور password استعمال ہوگا

2۔Microsoft Teams میں لاگ ان ہونے کیلئے qaedاکیڈمی کی طرف سے دیا گیا username and passwordاستعمال ہوگا

اگر کسی ٹیچر کے پاس یہ username and password نہیں ہے یا بھول گیا ہے تو وہ اپنی ای میل کی لسٹ میں QAED کی طرف سے بھیجی گئی میل یا موبائل نمبر پہ 8070سے آئے ہوئے میسج سے لے سکتا ہےیا پھر اس لنک پر کلک کرے

 کر اپنا شناختی کارڈ درج کرنے سے آپکو username and password مل جائے گا

دعاؤں میں یاد رکھیے گا :

Primary School Teachers PSTs Training EaSTE Schedule

Install QAED Android App      Click Here

Login on the QAED app by SIS User Name & Password.

Training started on 9 January 2023

Get User Name & Password     Click Here

If you have no username & Password Or Forget it.

Click on the given link & get the User Name And Password for Training.

Install Microsoft Team App      Click Here

For online Training, you should also install the Microsoft Team app on your mobile

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Primary School Teachers Training On English Subject

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Primary School Teachers Training 2023


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