Allama Iqbal Open University Prospectus Sale Points

AIOU Fresh Admission Procedure Spring 2023

How to get admission?

  1. Buy a prospectus from any Region Office of AIOU.
  2. Fill out your form the as per given instructions in the prospectus.
  3. Submit your form to the nearest banks'. ( banks names are given in the prospectus)
  4. Get a receipt of the form from the bank officer.

Allama Iqbal Open University Admission Open for Spring 2023

AIOU Admission Open Spring 2023 Matric To PhD All Programs

 This post is about Allama Iqbal Open University Prospectus Sale Points Allama Iqbal Open University Admission Open for Spring 2023 Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU has announced the admission schedule for Spring 2023. These admissions are for Ph.D. Programs, Mphil / MS Programs, BS Programs, FA, Matric, Certificates, Secondary Tech and PGD Diplomas. The last date to apply for AIOU Admissions 2023 is February 15 and February 21, 2023.

AIOU Admission Spring 2023 Open Matric To PhD All Programs Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) is a public research university located in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was established in 1974 and is the second-largest university in Pakistan. If you are interested in applying for admission to AIOU, here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Determine your eligibility: AIOU has specific admission requirements for each program. You will need to check the requirements for the program you are interested in to make sure you are eligible to apply.
  2. Choose a program: AIOU offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. You will need to decide which program you want to apply for.
  3. Submit an application: AIOU has an online application process for most programs. You will need to create an account on the AIOU website, complete the online application form, and submit any required documents.
  4. Take the entrance exam (if required): Some programs at AIOU require applicants to take an entrance exam as part of the admission process. You will need to check if the program you are applying for requires an entrance exam and make sure to register for it.
  5. Wait for a decision: AIOU will review your application and any other required documents and let you know if you have been accepted.

            AIOU Admission 2023 Spring Open Matric to Ph.D. All Programs

AIOU Admission Spring 2023 Open Matric To PhD All Programs

Programs Offered by AIOU for Spring 2023

  • Ph.D. Programs
  • MPhil / MS Programs
  • BS Programs (4 Years)
  • BS Programs (2.5 Years)
  • FA
  • Matric
  • Middle Tech
  • Certificate Coursed
  • PGD Diplomas

Note: Ph.D., MS, MPhil and BS programs are offered only at the main campus. These are not offered in the distance education system. Other programs offered are distance learning programs.

AIOU Admission  Spring 2023

About Website:

AIOU Tutor info. A tutor is also known as an Educator or teacher at Allama Iqbal Open University, and there are some responsibilities that every tutor has to perform. Government and private school teachers are getting registration as AIOU tutors. AIOU gives per-student pay against Tutor service. AIOU students are getting admission and after this process, AIOU assigns Tutor for the student. The tutor checks all assignments given by students. If you are a student and also want to know about your Tutor Profile then yes you are at the right place for the right information.

Find Prospectus Sale Points for Allama Iqbal Open University

Tutors are the Teaching and Non Teaching part-time members that are working in their own cities and giving educational sports to those students who got admission in AIOU home education or region-wise education.

AIOU Admission Open Spring 2023


I hope you like the article Allama Iqbal Open University Prospectus Sale Points and share it with social media friends and family members who are a study in ALLAMA IQBAL OPEN UNIVERSITY (AIOU). If you need any book past papers or Solved assignments just text us via email or connect via FB page we will send you the required material as soon as possible. We shall provide all AIOU books and past paper assignments free of cost for poor students. Our mission is to spread knowledge to deserving students. Remember us in your prayers.

Find Prospectus Sale Points in Your District

Kotli District

Kotli Tehsil

Khuiratta Tehsil

Fatehpur Thakiala Tehsil

Sehnsa Tehsil

Charhoi Tehsil

Duliah Jattan Tehsil

Mirpur District

Dadyal Tehsil

Mirpur Tehsil

Islamgarh Tehsil

Bhimber District

Bhimber Tehsil

Barnala Tehsil

Samahni Tehsil

Muzaffarabad Division

Hattian Bala District

Hattian Bala Tehsil

Chikkar Tehsil

Leepa Tehsil

Muzaffarabad District

Muzaffarabad Tehsil

Nasirabad Tehsil

Neelum District

Athmuqam Tehsil

Sharda Tehsil

Poonch Division

Bagh District

Bagh Tehsil

Dhirkot Tehsil

Hari Ghel Tehsil

Rera Tehsil

Birpani Tehsil

Haveli District

Haveli Tehsil

Khurshidabad Tehsil

Mumtazabad Tehsil

Poonch District

Abbaspur Tehsil

Hajira Tehsil

Rawalakot Tehsil

Thorar Tehsil

Sudhnoti District

Balouch Tehsil

Mang Tehsil

Pallandri Tehsil

Tarar Khel Tehsil

Loralai District

Bori Tehsil

Mekhtar Tehsil

Duki District

Duki Tehsil

Musakhel District

Darug Tehsil

Kingri Tehsil

Musakhel Tehsil

Toisar Tehsil

Kalat Division

Awaran District

Awaran Tehsil

Gishkaur Tehsil

Jhal Jhao Tehsil

Korak Jahoo Tehsil

Mashkay Tehsil

Kalat District

Kalat Tehsil

Mangochar Tehsil

Surab Tehsil

Gazg Tehsil

Johan Tehsil

Kharan District

Kharan Tehsil

Sar-Kharan Tehsil

Tohumulk Tehsil

Khuzdar District

Khuzdar Tehsil

Nall, Pakistan


Zehri Tehsil

Baghbana Tehsil

Aranji Tehsil

Greshek Tehsil

Karkh Tehsil

Moola Tehsil

Ornach Tehsil

Saroona Tehsil

Lasbela District

Hub Tehsil

Dureji Tehsil

Bela Tehsil

Kanraj Tehsil

Uthal Tehsil

Mastung District

Dasht Tehsil

Mastung Tehsil

Khad Koocha Tehsil

Kardigap Tehsil

Washuk District

Besima Tehsil

Mashkel Tehsil

Washuk Tehsil

Nag Tehsil

Shahgori Tehsil

Makran Division

Gwadar District

Gwadar Tehsil

Jiwani Tehsil

Ormara Tehsil

Pasni Tehsil

Suntsar Tehsil

Kech District

Mand Tehsil

Tump Tehsil

Turbat Tehsil

Balnigor Tehsil

Buleda Tehsil

Dasht Tehsil

Zamuran Tehsil

Gayab Tehsil

Solband Tehsil

Panjgur District

Gowargo Tehsil

Panjgur Tehsil

Paroom Tehsil

Gichk Tehsil

Nasirabad Division

Jafarabad District

Gandakha Tehsil

Jhatpat Tehsil

Usta Mohammad Tehsil

Jhal Magsi District

Gandawa Tehsil

Jhal Magsi Tehsil

Mirpur Tehsil

Kachi District

Dhadar Tehsil

Balanari Tehsil

Khattan Tehsil

Mach Tehsil

Sani Tehsil

Lehri District

Bhag Tehsil

Lehri Tehsil

Nasirabad District

Baba Kot Tehsil

Dera Murad Jamali Tehsil

Tamboo Tehsil

Chattar Tehsil

Sohbatpur District

Faridabad Tehsil

Hayrvi Tehsil

Manjipur Tehsil

Sohbatpur Tehsil

Quetta Division

Chagai District

Dalbandin Tehsil

Nokundi Tehsil

Taftan Tehsil

Chagai Tehsil

Killa Abdullah District

Chaman Tehsil

Gulistan Tehsil

Killa Abdullah Tehsil

Dobandi Tehsil

Nushki District

Nushki Tehsil

Dak Tehsil

Pishin District

Hurramzai Tehsil

Pishin Tehsil

Saranan Tehsil

Karezat District

Karezat Tehsil

Barshore Tehsil

Quetta District

Chiltan Tehsil

Zarghoon Tehsil

Panjpai Tehsil

Sadar Tehsil



Sibi Division

Dera Bugti District

Dera Bugti Tehsil

Phelawagh Tehsil

Sui Tehsil

Baiker Tehsil

Harnai District

Harnai Tehsil

Shahrig Tehsil

Khoast Tehsil

Kohlu District

Kahan Tehsil

Kohlu Tehsil

Maiwand Tehsil

Tamboo Tehsil

Grisini Tehsil

Sibi District

Sibi Tehsil

Kutmandai Tehsil

Sangan Tehsil

Ziarat District

Ziarat Tehsil

Sinjavi Tehsil

Zhob Division

Sherani District

Sherani Tehsil

Zhob District

Qamar Din Karez Tehsil

Zhob Tehsil

Ashwat Tehsil

Kashatu Tehsil

Sambaza Tehsil

Killa Saifullah District

Killa Saifullah Tehsil

Loiband Tehsil

Muslim Bagh Tehsil


Kanmetharzai Tehsil

Shinki Tehsil

Barkhan District

Barkhan Tehsil

Ghanche District

Daghoni Tehsil

Khaplu Tehsil

Mashabrum Tehsil

Chorbut Tehsil

Rondu District

Rondu Tehsil (promoted to district in 2019; previously in Skardu District)

Shigar District

Shigar Tehsil

Skardu District

Gultari Tehsil

Skardu Tehsil

Gamba Tehsil

Kharmang District

Diamer Division

Astore District

Astore Tehsil

Shounter Tehsil

Darel District

Darel Tehsil (promoted to district in 2019; previously in Diamir District)

Diamir District

Babusar Tehsil

Chilas Tehsil

Tangir District

Tangir Tehsil (promoted to district in 2019; previously in Diamir District)

Gilgit Division

Ghizer District

Punial Tehsil

Ishkoman Tehsil

Gilgit District

Danyor Tehsil

Gilgit Tehsil

Juglot Tehsil

Gupis-Yasin District

(District created in 2019 from three western tehsils of Ghizer)

Gupis Tehsil

Yasin Tehsil

Phander Tehsil

Hunza District

Aliabad Tehsil

Gojal Tehsil

Nagar District

Nagar-I Tehsil

Nagar-II Tehsil

Bannu District

Bannu Tehsil

Domel Tehsil

Kakki Tehsil

Baka Khel Tehsil

Meryan Tehsil

Wazir Tehsil


Lakki Marwat District

Lakki Marwat Tehsil

Sari Naurang Tehsil

Ghazni Khel Tehsil

Bettani Tehsil

Chichindai Kalai

North Waziristan District

Datta Khel Tehsil

Dossali Tehsil

Gharyum Tehsil

Ghulam Khan Tehsil

Mir Ali Tehsil

Miran Shah Tehsil

Razmak Tehsil

Shewa Tehsil

Spinwam Tehsil

Dera Ismail Khan Division

Dera Ismail Khan District

Dera Ismail Khan

Daraban Tehsil

Kulachi Tehsil

Paharpur Tehsil

Paroa Tehsil

Darazinda Tehsil

Lower South Waziristan District

Wana Tehsil

Toi Khulla Tehsil

Birmil Tehsil

Serwekai Tehsil

Upper South Waziristan District

Makin Tehsil

Tiarza Tehsil

Ladha Tehsil

Sararogha Tehsil

Tank District

Tank Tehsil

Jandola Tehsil

Hazara Division

Mansehra District

Bala Kot Tehsil

Mansehra Tehsil

Oghi Tehsil

Baffa Pakhal[1]


Abbottabad District

Abbottabad Tehsil

Havelian Tehsil

Lora Tehsil

Lower Tanawal Tehsil

Batagram District

Allai Tehsil

Batagram Tehsil (Banna)

Haripur District

Ghazi Tehsil

Haripur Tehsil

Khanpur Tehsil

Lower Kohistan District

Bankad / Ranolia Tehsil

Pattan Tehsil

Torghar District

Judba Tehsil

Khander Tehsil

Daur Maira Tehsil

Upper Kohistan District

Dassu Tehsil

Kandia Tehsil

Harban Basha Tehsil

Seo Tehsil

Kolai-Palas District

Bataira / Kolai


Kohat Division

Hangu District

Hangu Tehsil

Tall Tehsil

Karak District

Karak Tehsil

Banda Daud Shah Tehsil

Takht-e-Nasrati Tehsil

Kohat District

Kohat Tehsil

Lachi Tehsil

Gumbat Tehsil

Dara Adam Khel Tehsil

Kurram District

Central Kurram Tehsil

Lower Kurram Tehsil

Upper Kurram Tehsil

Orakzai District

Central Orakzai Tehsil

Ismail Zai Tehsil

Lower Orakzai Tehsil

Upper Orakzai Tehsil

Malakand Division

Buner District

Daggar Tehsil (Buner)

Gagra Tehsil

Khudu Khel

Mandanr Tehsil




Bajaur District

Bar Chamer Kand Tehsil

Barang Tehsil

Khar Bajaur Tehsil

Mamund Tehsil

Nawagai Tehsil

Salarzai Tehsil

Utmankhel Tehsil

Upper Chitral District

Buni Tehsil

Mastuj Tehsil

Mulkhow/Torkhow Tehsil

Lower Chitral District

Chitral Tehsil

Drosh Tehsil

Lower Dir District

Adenzai Tehsil

Lal Qilla Tehsil

Samar Bagh Tehsil

Timergara Tehsil

Khal Tehsil

Balambat Tehsil

Munda Tehsil

Malakand District

Sam Rani Zai Tehsil

Batkhela Tehsil

Thana Baizai Tehsil

Shangla District

Alpuri Tehsil

Bisham Tehsil

Puran Tehsil

Chakesar Tehsil

Martung Tehsil

Makhuzai Tehsil

Swat District

Babuzai Tehsil (Swat)

Barikot Tehsil

Behrain Tehsil

Charbagh Tehsil

Kabal Tehsil

Khwaza Khela Tehsil

Matta Tehsil

Upper Dir District

Dir Tehsil

Sharingal Tehsil

Wari Tehsil

Lar jam Tehsil

Barawal Tehsil

Kalkot Tehsil

Mardan Division

Mardan District

Katlang Tehsil

Rustam Tehsil

Ghari Kapura Tehsil

Mardan Tehsil

Takht Bhai Tehsil

Lund Khwar Tehsil

Swabi District

Lahor Tehsil

Razar Tehsil

Swabi Tehsil

Topi Tehsil

Peshawar Division

Charsadda District

Charsadda Tehsil

Shabqadar Tehsil

Tangi Tehsil

Khyber District

Bara Tehsil

Jamrud Tehsil

Landi Kotal Tehsil

Mula Gori Tehsil

Mohmand District

Ambar Utman Khel Tehsil

Halim Zai Tehsil

Pindiali Tehsil

Pran Ghar Tehsil

Safi Tehsil

Upper Mohmand Tehsil

Yake Ghund Tehsil

Nowshera District

Jehangira Tehsil

Nowshera Tehsil

Pabbi Tehsil

Peshawar District

Peshawar City Tehsil

Shah Alam Tehsil

Mathra Tehsil

Chamkani Tehsil

Badbher Tehsil

Peshtakhara Tehsil

Hassan Kheil Tehsil


Bahawalnagar District

Bahawalnagar Tehsil

Chishtian Tehsil

Fort Abbas Tehsil

Haroonabad Tehsil

Minchinabad Tehsil

Bahawalpur District

Ahmadpur East Tehsil

Bahawalpur City Tehsil

Bahawalpur Saddar Tehsil

Hasilpur Tehsil

Khairpur Tamewali Tehsil

Yazman Tehsil

Rahim Yar Khan District

Khanpur Tehsil

Liaqatpur Tehsil

Rahim Yar Khan Tehsil

Sadiqabad Tehsil

Dera Ghazi Khan Division

Dera Ghazi Khan District

Dera Ghazi Khan Tehsil

De-Excluded Area D.G. Khan Tehsil

Kot Chutta Tehsil

Jampur District

Jampur Tehsil

Muhammadpur Tehsil

Dajal Tehsil

Tribal Area Tehsil

Kot Addu District

Kot Addu Tehsil

Chowk Sarwar Shaheed Tehsil

Layyah District

Chaubara Tehsil

Karor Lal Esan Tehsil

Layyah Tehsil

Muzaffargarh District

Alipur Tehsil

Jatoi Tehsil

Muzaffargarh Tehsil

Rajanpur District

Rajanpur Tehsil

Rojhan Tehsil

De-Excluded Area Rajanpur Tehsil

Taunsa District

Taunsa Tehsil

Koh-e-Suleman Tehsil

Vehova Tehsil

Faisalabad Division

Chiniot District

Bhawana Tehsil

Chiniot Tehsil

Lalian Tehsil

Faisalabad District

Chak Jhumra Tehsil

Faisalabad City Tehsil

Faisalabad Sadar Tehsil

Jaranwala Tehsil

Samundri Tehsil

Tandlianwala Tehsil

Jhang District

Jhang Tehsil

Shorkot Tehsil

Ahmadpur Sial Tehsil

Athara Hazari Tehsil

Mandi Shah Jeewna Announced but Notification not Issued Yet

Toba Tek Singh District

Gojra Tehsil

Kamalia Tehsil

Pirmahal Tehsil

Toba Tek Singh Tehsil

Gujrat Division

Gujrat District

Gujrat Tehsil

Kharian Tehsil

Sarai Alamgir Tehsil

Jalalpur Jattan Tehsil

Kunjah Tehsil

Hafizabad District

Hafizabad Tehsil

Pindi Bhattian Tehsil

Mandi Bahauddin District

Malakwal Tehsil

Mandi Bahauddin Tehsil

Phalia Tehsil

Wazirabad District

Wazirabad Tehsil

Ali Pur Chatta Tehsil

Gujranwala Division

Gujranwala District

Gujranwala City Tehsil

Gujranwala Saddar Tehsil

Kamoke Tehsil

Nowshera Virkan Tehsil

Narowal District

Narowal Tehsil

Shakargarh Tehsil

Zafarwal Tehsil

Sialkot District

Daska Tehsil

Pasrur Tehsil

Sambrial Tehsil

Sialkot Tehsil

Lahore Division

Kasur District

Chunian Tehsil

Kasur Tehsil

Kot Radha Kishan Tehsil

Pattoki Tehsil

Lahore District

Lahore Cantonment Tehsil

Lahore City Tehsil

Model Town Tehsil

Raiwind Tehsil

Shalimar Tehsil

Nankana Sahib District

Nankana Sahib Tehsil

Sangla Hill Tehsil

Shah Kot Tehsil

Sheikhupura District

Ferozewala Tehsil

Muridke Tehsil

Safdarabad Tehsil

Sheikhupura Tehsil

Sharak Pur Tehsil

Multan Division

Khanewal District

Jahanian Tehsil

Kabirwala Tehsil

Khanewal Tehsil

Mian Channu Tehsil

Lodhran District

Dunyapur Tehsil

Kahror Pacca Tehsil

Lodhran Tehsil

Multan District

Jalalpur Pirwala Tehsil

Multan City Tehsil

Multan Saddar Tehsil

Shujabad Tehsil

Vehari District

Burewala Tehsil

Mailsi Tehsil

Vehari Tehsil

Rawalpindi Division

Attock District

Attock Tehsil

Fateh Jang Tehsil

Hassan Abdal Tehsil

Hazro Tehsil

Jand Tehsil

Pindi Gheb Tehsil

Chakwal District

Chakwal Tehsil

Choa Saidan Shah Tehsil

Kallar Kahar Tehsil

Jhelum District

Dina Tehsil

Jhelum Tehsil

Pind Dadan Khan Tehsil

Sohawa Tehsil

Rawalpindi District

Rawalpindi Tehsil

Gujar Khan Tehsil

Kahuta Tehsil

Kallar Syedan Tehsil

Taxila Tehsil

Kotli Sattian

Daultala Tehsil

Murree District

Kotli Sattian Tehsil

Murree Tehsil

Talagang District

Talagang Tehsil

Lawa Tehsil

Sahiwal Division

Okara District

Depalpur Tehsil

Okara Tehsil

Renala Khurd Tehsil

Pakpattan District

Arifwala Tehsil

Pakpattan Tehsil

Sahiwal District

Chichawatni Tehsil

Sahiwal Tehsil

Sargodha Division

Bhakkar District

Bhakkar Tehsil

Darya Khan Tehsil

Kaloorkot Tehsil

Mankera Tehsil

Khushab District

Khushab Tehsil

Noorpur Thal Tehsil

Quaidabad Tehsil

Naushera(Wadi-e-Soon) Tehsil

Mianwali District

Isakhel Tehsil

Mianwali Tehsil

Piplan Tehsil

Sargodha District

Bhalwal Tehsil

Bhera Tehsil

Kot Momin Tehsil

Sahiwal Tehsil

Sargodha Tehsil

Shahpur Tehsil

Sillanwali Tehsil

Badin District

Badin Tehsil

Khoski Tehsil

Matli Tehsil

Shaheed Fazil Rahu Tehsil

Talhar Tehsil

Tando Bago Tehsil

Sujawal District

Jati Tehsil

Kharo Chan Tehsil

Mirpur Bathoro Tehsil

Shah Bandar Tehsil

Sujawal Tehsil

Thatta District

Ghorabari Tehsil

Keti Bunder

Mirpur Sakro Tehsil

Thatta Tehsil

Hyderabad Division

Dadu District

Dadu Tehsil

Johi Tehsil

Khairpur Nathan Shah Tehsil

Mehar Tehsil

Hyderabad District

Hyderabad City Tehsil

Hyderabad Tehsil

Latifabad Tehsil

Qasimabad Tehsil

Jamshoro District

Jamshoro Tehsil

Sehwan Tehsil

Kotri Tehsil

Manjhand Tehsil

Thana Bulla Khan Tehsil

Matiari District

Hala Tehsil

Matiari Tehsil

Saeedabad Tehsil

Tando Allahyar District

Chamber Tehsil

Jhando Mari Tehsil

Tando Allahyar Tehsil

Nasarpur Tehsil

Tando Muhammad Khan District

Bulri Shah Karim Tehsil

Tando Ghulam Hyder Tehsil

Tando Mohammad Khan Tehsil

Karachi Division

Karachi Central District

Gulberg Town

Liaquatabad Town

New Karachi Town

North Nazimabad Town


Karachi East District

Gulshan Town

Jamshed Town




Karachi South District

Lyari Town

Saddar Town

Aram Bagh

Civil Line


Karachi West District

Orangi Town




ittehad town

baldia town

Korangi District

Korangi Town

Landhi Town

Shah Faisal Town

Model Colony

Malir District

Bin Qasim Town

Gadap Town

Malir Town


Ibrahim Hyderi

Murad Memon

Shah Murad

Keamari District

Keamari Town

Baldia Town

S.I.T.E. Town

Karachi Fish Harbour

Larkana Division

Jacobabad District

Garhi Khairo Tehsil

Jacobabad Tehsil

Thul Tehsil

Kashmore District

Kandhkot Tehsil

Kashmore Tehsil

Tangwani Tehsil

Larkana District

Bakrani Tehsil

Dokri Tehsil

Larkana Tehsil

Ratodero Tehsil

Qambar-Shahdadkot District

Mirokhan Tehsil

Nasirabad Tehsil

Qambar Tehsil

Qubo Saeed Khan Tehsil

Shahdadkot Tehsil

Sijawal Junejo Tehsil

Warah Tehsil

Shikarpur District

Garhi Yasin Tehsil

Khanpur Tehsil

Lakhi Tehsil

Shikarpur Tehsil

Mirpur Khas Division

Mirpur Khas District

Digri Tehsil

Jhuddo Tehsil

Kot Ghulam Muhammad Tehsil

Mirpur Khas Tehsil

Shujabad Tehsil

Sindhri Tehsil

Tharparkar District

Chachro Tehsil

Dahli Tehsil

Diplo Tehsil

Kaloi Tehsil

Islamkot Tehsil

Mithi Tehsil

Nagarparkar Tehsil

Umerkot District

Kunri Tehsil

Pithoro Tehsil

Samaro Tehsil

Umerkot Tehsil

Sukkur Division

Ghotki District

Daharki Tehsil

Ghotki Tehsil

Khangarh Tehsil (Khanpur)

Mirpur Mathelo Tehsil

Ubauro Tehsil

Khairpur Mirs District

Faiz Ganj Tehsil

Gambat Tehsil

Khairpur Tehsil Mirs

Kingri Tehsil

Kot Diji Tehsil

Nara Tehsil

Sobho Dero Tehsil

Thari Mirwah Tehsil

Sukkur District

New Sukkur Tehsil

Pano Aqil Tehsil

Rohri Tehsil

Salehpat Tehsil

Sukkur Tehsil

Shaheed Benazir Abad Division

Naushahro Feroze District

Bhiria Tehsil

Kandioro Tehsil

Mehrabpur Tehsil

Moro Tehsil

Naushahro Feroze Tehsil

Shaheed Benazir Abad District

Daulatpur Tehsil (Qazi Ahmed)

Daur Tehsil

Nawabshah Tehsil

Sakrand Tehsil

Sanghar District

Jam Nawaz Ali Tehsil

Khipro Tehsil

Sanghar Tehsil

Shahdadpur Tehsil

Sinjhoro Tehsil

Tando Adam Khan Tehsil

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